Land Mobile Radio


LMR Master Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer S412E

LMR Master Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer
Field analysis and mapping of P25 Phase 1, P25 Phase 2 (TDMA), TETRA, DMR (MOTOTRBO™) NXDN™, dPMR, GSM, and LTE PTC – integrated handheld analysis of mobile or tower radio systems for Public Safety, Government, Commercial, Railway, and Critical Infrastructure.

Signal Analyzer MS2830A

Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer
With support for various measurements, the high cost-performance of the MS2830A series makes it ideal for various applications. As well as TRx tests of different wireless equipment including digital and analog LMR/PMR/Transceiver Modules, and cellular and WLAN, it also supports spurious measurements of narrowband wireless equipment typified by LMR/PMR. And the built-in Noise Figure (NF) measurement function plus the Internal Signal Generator Control Function (for evaluating filter and amplifier transmission characteristics) expand the application range even further. Finally, Anritsu’s unique Capture & Playback Function can regenerate wireless equipment Tx signals.

Vector Signal Generator MG3710E

Vector Signal Generator
The MG3710E is a Vector Signal Generator with 6 GHz upper frequency limit and wide RF modulation baseband generator. The excellent signal generator ACLR and SSB phase noise reduces the effect on wideband and narrow-band measurements to improve test margins and yields. It outputs various wireless systems signals such as LTE, WLAN and narrowband communications.

Analog Signal Generator MG3740A

Analog Signal Generator
The MG3740A has excellent RF specifications, including SSB phase noise, output level, etc., and versatile modulation functions (AM/FM/øM/Pulse). Moreover, the MG3740A supports additional analog modulation by external signal input, dual RF outputs, narrowband digital modulation function for private mobile radio (PMR), BER test function and USB power sensors.

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