Spectrum Monitoring


Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2720xA

Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27201A provides remote spectrum monitoring to 54 GHz in a compact 19 inch 2U rack case. 110 MHz measurement bandwidth with IQ streaming delivers benchtop instrument performance for long term monitoring applications. A supplied PC remote GUI acts as the spectrum display and configuration interface.

MS27101A Interference Hunter

Remote Spectrum Monitor
The MS27101A is a half-rack spectrum monitor designed for interference mitigation and geo-location for signals of interest. Its small form factor makes the MS27101A the ideal solution for indoor rack-mount systems where size is an important consideration.

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27102A

Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27102A spectrum monitor is rated to IP67 standards for outdoor deployment. Key applications include detection of illegal or unlicensed transmissions, radio surveillance and interference mitigation.

MS27103A 12-24 Port Remote Spectrum Monitor

Remote Spectrum Monitor
MS27103A remote spectrum monitor provides 12 RF input ports (optional 24 ports) for multiple antenna configurations. This is the ideal solution for measuring multiple sectors and multiple carriers per sector.

MS27100A Spectrum Monitor OEM Board

Spectrum Monitor Module
The MS27100A is designed for OEM solutions for monitoring the spectrum and geo-locating signals of interest. Its small form factor allows the MS27100A to be placed in rack mount systems or in enclosures where space is a primary consideration.

MX280001A Vision Software

Vision™ Remote Spectrum Monitoring Software
Vision Monitor software application automates process of collecting measurement data. Vision Locate provides the capability to geo-locate signals of interest.

MX280005A Vector Signal Analysis Software

IQ Signal Master Vector Signal Analysis Software
Provides a comprehensive suite of measurements that deliver post processing and analysis of IQ data files captured on handheld spectrum analyzers

Mobile Interference Hunting System MX280007A

Mobile InterferenceHunter
Mobile solution for finding interference efficiently and accurately.
User friendly system allows one-person operation.
Frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 110 GHz possible.

Handheld Interference Hunter MA2700A

Handheld InterferenceHunter
The Handheld InterferenceHunter is designed to make direction finding simpler when used in combination with an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer. It makes mapping your directional measurements simple, allowing you to focus on locating the interfering signal.

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